Correctional Medical Care & Emre Umar

Emre Umar currently serves as President and founder of Correctional Medical Care, which operates inside of correctional facilities within the state of New York.

Umar Before Correctional Medical Care

When Emre Umar graduated from Penn State University with a degree in quantitative business analysis, he had a passion and drive for success not only in business, but in the world of healthcare. He joined Correctional Physician Services, Inc. (CPS) as Vice President in 1990 and managed a staff of approximately 500 healthcare providers and management/administrative personnel. After he helped to facilitate expansion and revenue growth within the company, Umar felt the need to create a correctional medical company that would treat inmates with the utmost respect, dignity and provide for them the care that they deserve.


Correctional Medical Care is Born

In 2005, Correctional Medical Care was born, created by Emre Umar to serve as the premier healthcare provider within correctional facilities throughout the state of New York. Umar has worked tirelessly, applying his decades of experience in the industry and his passion for business and growth to help lead Correctional Medical Care down the path of enormous success, where he continues to thrive today.

Emre Umar believes that proper healthcare is a key aspect in reducing recidivism in inmates. Because prisons and jails generally contain a disproportionate amount of people who struggle with mental illnesses and/or clinical addictions, they need to supply a wide range of educational resources and treatment options. Otherwise, inmates exit the facility and re-enter society with the roots of their problems still unacknowledged and untreated– leading to an almost certain relapse into their old habits. Without proper care, inmates are more likely to wind up sentenced to serve time upon their release. This was the exact cycle that Emre Umar sought to break when he founded Correctional Medical Care, and continues to prioritize today.